Why did you decide to buy?

"We have rented for years and we were ready to have our own house and an investment rather than continuously fixing up houses that were not ours.  We also wanted more stability for our kids."

What were you looking for in a Real Estate Agent? 

"We wanted someone that looked out for us and was honest.  We have had agents in the past that made us feel take advantage of and was not fighting for what we wanted as buyers."



Why Tamara Williams & Company?

"Tamara was referred to us from an online source and we didn't know anyone in town.  I chatted with her on the phone and she was down to earth and not pushy at all.  She checked on us and showed she cared about us as individuals not just commission."

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What surprised you most about the buying process?

" I didn't have to do anything!! Houses were sent to me, I said yes or no and once we decided, Tamara did everything.  It was actually very easy. " 

How did Tamara Williams navigate negotiations after putting in an offer? 

"When the seller gave a counter offer she was honest with what she thought the house was worth and with knowing our financial goals, so she told us to stick with our offer and just see how it goes.  She did not let me throw money on the table that was not needed. "


What advice do you have for someone who's thinking about potentially buying a home?

" Getting in bidding wars can be hard, I would recommend to not go into the bidding war emotionally and be patient!  In the end, the right house will come around for them.  Also, make sure they get an agent they trust.  I put my full trust in Tamara and it paid off. "  


Would you hire Tamara Williams again?

"I will use her for any further transactions in the future buying or selling.  She was professional and made me feel like I had a friend not an agent."  

Ready To Buy Your Dream Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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